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Price shown above is for a total of 3 Lamkin Crossline 1150 360 Wedge Grips 

For players who put a premium on short-game precision and like to grip down on their irons and wedges, the 11.5″ Crossline 1150 has a standard profile and an enhanced, logo-free, Crossline pattern. Longer than standard grips, the extra length and shape promote a more precise and consistent short game performance.

The Lamkin Crossline 1150 golf grip is manufactured with Lamkin's patented ACE material for unmatched shock absorption and outstanding surface tackiness. The 1150 grip also features a distinctive pattern that reduces torque and increases hand traction for the ultimate performance in a golf grip.


  • Made with Lamkin's ACE shock absorbing material
  • High surface tack
  • Tour proven Crossline pattern for improved hand traction
  • 11.5" length ideal for wedges and gripping down