LK SINKFIT PU SquareTop Putter Grip

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Tour size novel shape design to assist keeping the putter face square at impact and the hands in a comfortable position on the grip the SINKFIT Square Top Poly integrates a subtle pistol shape underside, parallel sides and square top to enhance “down-the-line” stroke control . The polyurethane sleeve design over lightweight under-listing and optimized surface traction deliver a feels as good as the grip performs. Great for players with an arc-to-straight putting stroke.


  • Pistol and parallel sides with underside ridge for proper hand placement
  • Grip shape promotes release and squaring the putter head through impact
  • Upgraded proprietary Fingerprint Technology featuring a consistent micro-texture pattern for outstanding grip comfort with lighter surface traction
  • Tour size grip with the soft feel of polyurethane at the weight of Tour type rubber grips

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