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Maltby Design Glider Wedges

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The Maltby Design Glider Wedges feature a very forgiving 1.62" wide sole. ... Learn More

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Maltby Design Glider 1.62 - 56 Degree
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Maltby Design Glider 1.62 - 60 Degree
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The Maltby Design wedges feature a Tour Preferred classic profile only with a high degree of playability and forgiveness. The Maltby Design wedges are available in 7 different loft and bounce combinations and 3 different sole widths to fit a wide range of player types and skill levels. Each head is coin forged from 1025C Carbon Steel with CNC milled micro grooves for additional spin on less than full shots.

The TP Grind wedges have a 0.90" sole width and are ideal for players that want to manipulate the face angle to create a wide variety of shots. The MS Grind wedges have 1.05" to combine both forgiveness and versatility. The Glider wedges feature an Ultra Game Improvement 1.62" wide sole that will not allow for the face to be manipulated but is easily the easiest wedge to play from both turf and sand. The Glider wedges are designed for forgiveness and can be played by any type of player, but certainly benefit the high handicap player the most.


  • Form forged from 1025C carbon steel for increased feedback and feel.
  • Available in 3 different sole widths to attack any type of turf or sand condition
  • Multiple loft and bounce angles
  • CNC Micro Grooves are milled to exact specifications and will increase spin on less than full shots from around the green
  • Recommended ferrule - 70PI

Maltby STi HS Iron  Specifications