Maltby MPF Pro Series UL Graphite Wood Shafts

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The Maltby MPF Pro Series UL premium graphite shafts feature a sub 50 gram shaft weight for increased club head speed for increased distance. In addition to increased club head speeds, the ultralight weight MPF Pro Series UL shafts feature a tip structure and overall flex profile designed to increase control and improve shot dispersion. The unique combination of decreased weight and overall profile design create the ultimate in ultralight weight shaft performance not typically associated with sub 50 gram golf shafts.


  • Ultra-Light design promotes increased head speed for improved distance.
  • Tip structure and the overall flex profile designed to provide increased control and improved shot dispersion.
  • High initial launch angles with low spin for maximum distance.
  • 100% frequency tested in both the 90° and 0° shaft planes for perfect shaft oscillation.
  • Stable tip design combined with generous torque measurements helps to square the face at impact to reduce slicing.
  • Designed for players looking to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy.

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