Maltby TS-1 Forged Iron Heads

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The Maltby TS-1 Forged Irons are a true billet forged 3 piece iron design that delivers performance and feel unlike any other muscle back iron head. This incredible playability and direct feedback comes from a combination of a very low and centered vertical center of gravity, modern loft specifications and a soft polymer material injected throughout the entire club head.
The TS-1 head design features a 2mm 1025C forged face and a forged 1025C body with an internal tungsten weight positioned low and towards the toe. The pieces are then precision welded together leaving a void behind the entire club face that is injection filled with a proprietary polymer to enhance ball speeds and provide an exceptional feel on both center and off center hits.
The overall profile of the TS-1 Forged Irons certainly give the appearance, both in the bag and in the playing position, of a traditional blade but offer Super Game Improvement (PF701+) playability performance throughout the entire set.


  • True Forged from 1025C Carbon Steel using the most advanced 5 step forging process available
  • Hollow polymer injection filled 3 piece construction in the #3 thru #9 irons
  • Five step true forged PW and GW
  • Forged 1025C Carbon face and body with internal tungsten toe weighting to ensure the horizontal cg location is positioned in the center of the club face
  • Unparalleled playability and feel for a true forged muscle back design
  • Injected Polymer produces exceptional sound and feel
  • Super Game Improvement (PF701+) design.
  • Thin, forged 1025C carbon steel face increases ball speeds for increased distance
  • CNC milled face ensures face flatness for more consistency
  • Multi-Groove technology places more CNC milled square grooves on the face for improved consistency, trajectory and spin
  • Attractive and durable Satin Polished Nickel Chrome anti-glare finish protects the club head and enhances feel
  • Progressive offsets to help square the face at impact in the long irons and improve alignment in the short irons.
  • Progressive sole angle (bounce), modern tour leading edge grind and 4 way radius sole provides the optimum turf interaction from a variety of turf conditions.
  • Modern lofts, combined with the optimal vertical cg locations, optimizes trajectory and distance.
  • Universal hosel accepts both .370" parallel tip and .355" taper tip iron shafts.
  • Recommended Ferrule - MA0300
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf
  • Note: This is a club head only and not an assembled golf club
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Maltby TS-1 Forged Iron Clubhead Specifications