Maxfli 2023 TriFli Golf Balls

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  • Low compression core
  • Highly resilient mantle layer
  • Incredibly soft ionomer cover
  • Icosahedron dimple pattern
  • Enhanced alignment aid


  • Low compression core provides a super soft feel on all shots from tee to green
  • Highly resilient mantle layer delivers faster ball speed and low spin for longer distance
  • Incredibly soft ionomer cover promotes higher greenside spin for greater control
  • Cube octahedron design with 374 large and small dimples in a stacked and packed pattern optimizes launch and lift for a straighter flight
  • Enhanced alignment aid helps with putting alignment and accuracy
  • Compression: 45
  • Pack of 12 balls

Maxfli 2023 TriFli Golf Balls product imageMaxfli 2023 TriFli Golf Balls product image