Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue Hybrid/Rescue Shafts TM

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The TENSEI™ AV RAW Blue Series Hybrid (mid launch/mid spin) – This hybrid Series, designed to complement the TENSEI™ AV RAW Blue Wood Series, adds Aluminum Vapor Coated Fiber in the grip area to increase stability and stiffness in the profile. Compared to the TENSEI™ CK Blue Hybrid Series, this new shaft design is slightly lighter in overall weight and optimizes the placement of the AV weave, which is tighter and thinner than the CK Weave, to further minimize shaft ovaling and improve energy transfer.

Shaft Specs for AV RAW Blue 65 S (MR1001) - .370" Tip - 44" Length - 80g Raw Weight 

Tip trim: H1-0", H2-½", H3-1", H4-1½", H5-2". After tip trimming, cut to final playing length from butt.