OEM Adaptor Saver Kit-GW0130

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The GolfWorks OEM Shaft Adaptor removal kit provides you with a more efficient and safer way to remove OEM shaft adaptors from graphite golf shafts. The kit eliminates the need to apply a clamping force to delicate aluminum adaptors. 5 different sized color coded screws are included to fit almost all brands of shaft adaptors. Simply insert the washer and the screw into the female receptacle of the shaft adaptor, insert the shaft into a graphite shaft extractor, heat the adaptor and extract the shaft. An inexpensive and safe way to remove a graphite shaft from an OEM shaft adaptor.

Screws included in the kit:

  • Blue - Fits all Callaway Opti-Fit adaptors and and Maltby KE4 TC adaptors.
  • Black - Fits all TaylorMade , some Ping fairway woods and Wilson shaft adaptors
  • Gray - Fits all Titleist, PXG and most Ping adaptors
  • Yellow - Fits all Cobra adaptors
  • Red - Fits Nike VR-S Covert FlexLoft adaptor.

Please use caution when heating some OEM shaft adaptors - Many have plastic ferrules and or sleeve rings that need to either be removed or protected with The GolfWorks Club Shield Paste (GW1039) prior to applying direct heat to prevent the plastic parts from melting.