Pressurized Golf Grip Remover

GS6 - Pressurized Grip Remover

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Grip Remover Extension Hose

HOSE Replacement Extension

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Now you can remove a grip, add build-up tape to correctly size it, and then reinstall — keeping the grip in perfect playing condition! Ideal for a repair shop or clubmaker. This durable pump holds lots of solvent. Convenient cap for needles minimizes breakage. Five 18-gauge needles and extension hose are included. Please Note: The GolfWorks Grip Solvent works best with this tool. DO NOT USE perchlorethylene as it dissolves neoprene seals. To prevent damage to seals, store all liquid in another container.

Replacement Parts:

  • GSPP - Grip Shooter Pump for the current plastic containers - $34.99
  • GS6CP - Grip Shooter Plastic Qt Container - $34.99
  • GSRK - Grip Remover Repair Kit - $9.99
  • HOSE - Replacement Extension Hose - $14.99
  • NECV - Grip Needle Cover - $1.75
  • GW0100 - Industrial Strength Needles (Each) - $5.99
  • IGSN5 - Standard Needles (5 pack) - $13.99
  • GSP - Grip Shooter Pump for older metal containers - $34.99
  • For Grip Shooter Repair Service - Please Call Customer Service at 1-800-848-8358 - $19.99