Aerotech SteelFiber FC70 Graphite Iron Shafts

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No two golfers are alike and no shaft is one-size-fits-all. The new SteelFiber FC ‘Flight Control’ ultralite graphite iron shafts combine the advanced composite technology of SteelFiber with variable tip stiffness for players who need higher trajectories. The new progressive tip design of the SteelFiber FC shafts delivers higher ball flight in the mid- and long irons while maintaining the classic SteelFiber launch in the scoring irons. Plus, like all SteelFiber shafts, the FC reduces the risk of injury, lessens aggravation of existing injuries and decreases player fatigue, all while delivering greater distance and accuracy.

The design of the SteelFiber fc70 is inspired by the bend profile of the tour-winning SteelFiber i95 but in an ultra lightweight design provided enhanced speed and feel through increased shaft load.

Design & Technology

  • Lightest weight version in the fc "Flight Control" series of iron shafts
  • Progressive tip stiffness delivers higher trajectory in mid- & long irons
  • Enhanced feel through increased shaft load
  • Over 59 miles of steel fiber covers the entire surface of each shaft
  • Bend profile based on tour-winning SteelFiber i95
  • Power of graphite with the stability of steel shafts

Trimming Instructions

Aerotech SteelFiber FC70 Shaft Specifications