The GolfWorks Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor-GW1009

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We've taken our most popular Graphite Shaft Extractor and made it better! The Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor is designed with an internal load sensing spring and indicator. To use, place the club into the device and tighten as you would any screw-type extractor. Tighten until the indicator shows the spring is loaded. Then apply heat. The pressure exerted by the spring is enough to cause the head to slide off once the epoxy breaks down from the heat, but not so much spring pressure that the head shoots off! Your hands remain free, as you don't have to feed pressure while the head starts to move. Improves efficiency and reduces the damage to shafts and heads.

The Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor also comes complete with all the tools needed to remove OEM shaft adaptors and broken graphite shafts


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Clamp pads can be easily cleaned and or replaced
  • Can be bench mounted or used in a bench vise
  • Pre loaded load sensing spring for easy shaft removal
  • Extracts shafts before heat has a chance to break down shaft resin
  • Ratchet wrench (RBW), OEM Adaptor Saver Kit (GW0130) and Broken Shaft Extractor (GW0025) included
  • Preferred extractor of The GolfWorks repair team
  • Replacement Pads - FASRP
  • Made in USA

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