The GolfWorks Premium Shop Set-Up Kit-GW2024

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Set up your new shop or jump start an old one! Everything you need for building, altering and repairing golf clubs. After many inquiries as to what tools are truly needed in a clubmaking shop, we created this complete package of tools and machines at great savings. Nowhere else can you purchase so many great tools and machines for a low, low price!

The Premium Shop Set-Up kit includes all the basic tools and supplies needed to assemble, reshaft, swingweight and grip golf clubs

Premium Shop Set-Up Kit includes:

  • Iron/Hybrid Bending Machine with Bench Top Swivel Stand
  • Putter Bending Machine
  • Vise with golf specific Vise Jaw Set that includes a gripping clamp, shaft clamp, shaft dimpler and steel shaft Lock-Tight Shaft Holder
  • Bending Bars (5qty)
  • Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor with Broken Shaft Extractor and OEM Adaptor Saver Kit
  • Hosel Honing tools for cleaning golf club hosels of both irons and woods
  • Electric Heat Gun
  • Premium Utility Knife with hook blades for easy grip removal
  • 1" x 30" Belt Sander/Cut Off Wheel with Durabrite ferrule turning and shaft prepping belts
  • Black Ferrule Kit
  • Ferrule installer
  • Steel shaft butt extensions (10 qty)
  • Graphite shaft butt extensions (15 qty)
  • 48" golf club measuring ruler
  • Industry Standard Swing Weight Scale with Swing Weight Kit
  • High Density Lead Tape
  • Grip Saver for removing rattles and installing shaft weight
  • Micro Gripping Station with double sided and full size build up grip tape, tape stripper, grip installer, grip size gauge and grip solvent
  • VGroove Golf Grip Remover/Saver
  • Grip Bore cleaning brush
  • Ferrule Kit and Ferrule Installer
  • Golf Shaft Tip Cleaner
  • Tour Set Plus Epoxy
  • Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy
  • Epoxy mixing board
  • Epoxy mixing sticks
  • Quick Center shafting beads
  • Bench mounted curing/display rack
  • Epoxy-Gone cleaning solvent


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