Workbench and Floor Coined Covering-GW1008

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We found a great material to cover workbench and shop floors that is reasonably priced, and helps prevent "shop wear". This polyvinyl coined material provides better cushioning against scratches and dents to wood and iron heads than a table top. And it gives your shop a very professional, clean look. The light grey color makes it easy to spot small parts like ferrules and weights. Available in 24" x 96" roll or in custom sizes. Please call customer service at 800 848-8358 for custom orders.

Installation Tips

Make certain the bench top or floor to be covered is clean from debris and oil. The coin mat covering is shipped rolled. After unrolling, the mat will take some time to straighten out. The warmer the temperature the quicker the mat will relax and any or all curl marks will disappear. Allow product to fully relax prior to trimming around edges and corners. If you choose to secure the mat to your workbench it is recommended to use a high quality double faced adhesive tape on a clean, dry surface.

Please Note: Additional shipping charges may be required due to weight on larger custom designs.