Clubmakers Vise Multi-Purpose Jaw Set-UCMVJWS

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    Set includes:
  • Lock-Tite Shaft Remover - Ideal for removing stubborn steel shafts from woods and irons. Constant 4" clamp pressure holds shaft in place while applying pressure against it.
  • Steel Shaft Dimpler - Dimpling is the preferred method for creating a solid bond between a steel shaft and a clubhead. This dimple attachment allows you to do the job in just seconds!
  • Graphite Shaft Pads - These soft pads are ideal for gripping, shaft tip abrasion or other graphite shaft assembly or repair tasks. Will hold the shaft in a horizontal or vertical postion without marring.
  • Gripping Pads - Soft pads to protect the shaft, yet their 4" length grips the club firmly, allowing you to quickly and easily remove an old grip and install a new one.
  • Designed to be used with the UCMV vise.