Clubmakers Vise Graphite Shaft Extractor

Clubmakers Vise Shaft Extractor

An economical, yet durable shaft extractor with a constant 4-in clamp pressure. ... Learn More
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For use with The Golfworks Universal Vise, the Universal Vise Extractor accommodates all shaft sizes. Secure the shaft between the Shaft Extractor pads with the hosel positioned in the appropriate holder. Attach the ratchet to the other side and glide the head off the shaft tip! A constant 4-in of clamp pressure prevents slippage for easy shaft removal.

Note: The UCMVGSR Graphite Shaft Remover is an accessory of The GolfWorks Universal Vise (UCMV) dove tail locking system and not intended for a standard work bench mounted vise. The Value Shaft Extractor (GW1112) is designed to work in a standard vise.