Fujikura Sakura 40 Lite Flex .370 Graphite Iron Shaft

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The Fujikura Sakura line returns for golfers looking for a lightweight design that provides a smooth feel. Sakura was created for golfers that need more carry distance through increased launch and spin characteristics through its softened mid and tip sections. The all-new Sakura line can be custom fit throughout the bag with the Sakura 40 wood shafts and the one-length blank, Sakura 40 hybrid/iron shaft.


  • Created for golfers that need more carry distance and desire a softer feel.

Tip trim instructions for HYBRIDS:  15-17 deg - 0", 18-20 deg - 0", 21-23 deg - 1/2", 24-27 deg - 1", 28+ deg - 1.5".  After tip trim and installation, trim to final playing length from the butt.  Special Note:  .370' tip diamter shafts CAN BE tapered to be used in .355" tip diamter utility clubs and long irons.  Tip trim instructions for IRONS:  Use trim code IR6 - tip trim 1/2" increments starting with the #3 iron and butt trim to final length.

Fujikura Sakura Shaft Specifications