Golf Mechanix Evolution II Digital Putter Bending Gauge Kit-GM1056K

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The EVOLUTION II Digital Putter Bending gauge epitomizes our know-how into one feature packed design that mirrors the ease of use, functionality and dependability that made our bending gauges the preferred choice of professional clubmakers and fitters worldwide!

Key Features:

  • Works with straight, mallet or binocular putter designs
  • Works with heel shafted and center shafted putters
  • Works with Offset, single or double bent shafts
  • Long reach dual back clamp system
  • Frontal operation of clamps and protractors
  • Self levelling, slip proof, non marring clamping system
  • Measure as you bend shafts to protractor coupling
  • Minimizes hosel spring back over compensation
  • Measures lie and loft to a resolution of 0.1°
  • One Step calibration with built in reference locator.
  • Stores up to 20 measurements into non volatile memory
  • USB data transfer mode with SPC data collection software
  • Protractors designed with digital black box redundancy
  • Precision CNC machined parts & industrial grade components
  • Easy to maintain and repair modular construction
  • Double Bend Putter Shaft Bending Bar included (MDBB)
  • Putter Hosel Bending Bar included (GW1058)
  • Brass Non-Marring Bending Bar included (BNMB)

View or Download GM1056 Instructions