Golf Mechanix Professional Putter Bending Gauge-GM1038

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The Golf Mechanix Professional Putter Bending Gauge is a classic, well refined putter bending gauge that reduces the stress that comes from bending CNC milled putters that cost more than a journeyman's weekly wage!

This gauge distinguishes itself with its self levelling kinematic soling pads that adjust to the putter's sole to provide maximum stability when bending flat to upright lies. The kinematic soling pad's effectiveness is further enhanced by the soft, eccentric dowels which offer a reduced non-slip contact patch that helps minimize blade distortions and prevents marring.

The protractor's precise positioning coming into the shaft is ensured by the silky smooth 2 stage slider, which provides the positioning control needed to make accurate measurements without infringing on the space needed to work the bending bar around the hosel or shaft.


  • Works with straight, mallet and binocular putter designs
  • Works with heel shafted and centre shafted putters
  • Works with Offset, single or double bend shafts
  • Self levelling, slip proof, non marring clamp system
  • Interchangeable clamp parts to suit soft & hard putter alloys
  • Modular clamp parts pave the way for future upgrades
  • Protractor resolution of 0.5 degrees or better
  • Unobstructed work space around hosel and shaft

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