Golf Mechanix Head to Shaft Drying Clip-GM1035

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The Golf Mechanix Head to Shaft Drying Clips are used to keep spine-aligned and logo-aligned clubs together while the epoxy adhesive sets. Should the Club be knocked over or picked up before the epoxy has cured it will still set as intended when using the Drying Clips.

Once the club head and shaft have been assembled with epoxy, position one clip over the shaft and the other clip over the hosel. With the drying clips in place, ensure that shaft graphics are oriented as intended and that the ferrule is flush with the hosel. Minor adjustments of the shaft and head can be made with the drying clips in place. Remove clips once the epoxy has securely set.

  • Keeps logo/spine aligned to target
  • Keeps loose shafts centered inside hosel
  • Prevents gaps between ferrule & hosel
  • Sold individually for single club use