Golf Mechanix Clubmakers Loft and Lie Bending Gauge-GM1036

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The Golf Mechanix Clubmakers Loft and Lie Bending Gauge is a sturdy, well engineered, loft and lie bending gauge with a gate wide enough for today's oversized irons, specialty wedges and hybrids.p

Time tested by hundreds of clubmakers worldwide - Our unique, triangulated, isostatic clamping system with adaptable pivoting non-marring conical sheaves, soling flats and vulcanized hybrid top clamp, this bending gauge can secure any iron, wedge or hybrid without marring and can cope with bending moments in excess of 300 N.m (220 Ft.Lbf) which is more than sufficient for working those tough to bend alloys.

Keeping up to date with industry trends towards softer more malleable alloys; We've added several new accessories that extend the capability of this design to high levels of sophistication and versatility.


  • High loading self-squaring isostatic frame
  • Self-squaring protractors mounted on precision linear guides with recirculating linear ball bearings
  • Heavy duty low wear top clamp machine screw assembly
  • CNC engraved loft & lie angle scale starting at 50°-70° for lie and 15°-70° for loft with 0.5° precision.
  • Works with all RH & LH irons and hybrids
  • Complete set of non marring clamps, sheaves & pads
  • Large selection of optional accessories
  • Note: Bending bar not included
  • Recommended bending bars: BNMB & GW1036

View or Download GM1036 Instructions