Golf Mechanix Heavy Duty Variable Speed Shaft and Ferrule Prepping Center

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The new Heavy Duty Variable Speed Shaft and Ferrule Prepping Center provides efficiency, flexibility, reliability and safety, all seamlessly integrated into one powerful package.  This latest version features a digital speed control that allows the user to set the most efficient speed for cutting steel and graphite shafts, turn down ferrules and prep shaft tips at slower speeds to prevent burn outs and flats, the most common pitfalls that clubmakers face during the assembly process. 

Pre-set / Adjustable Speed control with 100 RPMncrements.

Emergency-Stop brings the motor to a stop in under 20 seconds.

Optimum speed control for turning down ferrules and prepping steel and graphite shaft tips.

Cutting wheel designed for longer life and reduced wear, while producing less dust.

Adjustable turning arm with thick, soft pads add increased control and smoothness to ferrule finishing


  • Compact Design with small footprint.
  • Combines shaft cutting, prepping and ferrule turning into one easy package.
  • High power 800 watt DC motor uses the latest Mosfet / IGBT drive technology for more power and less current consumption.
  • Selection of fixed set speeds for cutting, prepping and turning / finishing.
  • Incremental 100 RPM speed control.
  • Stops from 3600 RPM to 0 RPM in under 20 seconds.
  • Power “ON” watch guard won’t turn ON when power is suddenly interrupted.
  • Uses GM1032RW 6” high yield cutoff discs (included).
  • 3” shaft tip prepping flap wheel (included).
  • Ferrule turning support arm (included).
  • Universal voltage 100 – 249V AC single phase.
  • 42” x 1” belts of assorted grit (included).
  • Dust extraction ports for vacuum cleaner.
  • Spring loaded, floating belt drive mechanism.
  • CSA/CUS/CE certified.

To maximize the efficiency of the Heavy Duty Variable Speed Shaft and Ferrule Prepping Center please use the below speed settings as a general guide line for speed settings:

  • Ferrule finishing RPM 1700 RPM or below.
  • Steel shaft cutting RPM 3,000~3500
  • Graphite shaft cutting RPM 2000~3000 RPM

Note: It is important to keep graphite cool when cutting, if the blade overheats while cutting graphite shafts the resin in the shaft can clog the cutting wheel. The graphite shaft tip is more susceptible to clogging as the tip is much thicker than the butt section.