Golf Mechanix Manual SZP Frequency Analyzer-GM1077

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The Golf Mechanix Manual SZP Frequency Analyzer - A manual version of the APS Heavy Duty Frequency Analyzer. We’ve replaced the pneumatic cylinders with our torque limited knobs so that clubmakers that do not have access to an air compressor can still perform advanced shaft zone profiling analysis using our new Frequency Auditor engine and the optional zoning beam.


  • -New Auditor Engine with programmable profiling zones
  • New Automatic shaft frequency averaging function
  • On board data matrix capture, storage and batch transfer
  • High accuracy +/- 1 CPM accuracy or 0.6 Hz -Shaft frequency selectable digital filtering
  • High CPM capability +999 PM
  • New and improved shaft clamp with zero backlash
  • New Shaft frequency analysis engine has auto reset and auto averaging function and programmable profiling zones
  • New shaft clamp with machined seats provide excellent coupling with even pressure distribution over the shaft
  • Voltage - 110V AC