Golf Mechanix Putter Grip Alignment Guide-GM1031

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The Golf Mechanix Putter Grip Alignment Guide is designed to assist in the proper installation of putter grips. It provides a visual reference for aligning the grip in relation to the putter top line so that the flat side of the putter is always aligned with the target.

This is achieved with a laser tracer that projects a bright, red cross-hair onto the putter head perpendicular to the grip and parallel to the putter face. This method is far more reliable and faster than the bubble level method or the "eye balling" technique used by the more experienced clubmakers.


  • Align grips square to the target line
  • Grip straightness checker built in
  • Laser slides to align putter top line
  • Purpose built laser projector
  • CR2 battery powered laser won't dim or go flat for up to 20 hours of use
  • FDA approved low radiation laser