Golf Mechanix Shaft Adaptor FLO Tracer-GM1013

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The Golf Mechanix Shaft Adaptor Laser FLO Tracer can save a lot of time and headaches for the clubmaker wanting to FLO golf shafts fitted with OEM shaft adaptors. The 205 gram laser FLO Tracer fits over the OEM shaft adaptors using a large capacity stainless steel collet that is hand tightened to securely fasten the Tracer to the adaptor. Simply "twang" the shaft tip and rotate until the optimal FLO position of the shaft is located.

The Laser FLO Tracer includes the Golf Mechanix Ring Stack set of 5 (16gm) weight rings to extend the gram weight of the FLO Tracer from 205gm to 285gm to simulate multiple head weights.


  • Large capacity collet fits over most OEM shaft adaptors
  • 205 grams base weight with battery
  • Ring Set Stack includes 5 (16gm) weight rings
  • Built in Laser focusing tool
  • CR2 Battery included
  • Note: Not Compatible With Callaway Opti-Fit Shaft Adaptors.