Maltby Design Golf Shaft Deflection Board-GSDB

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Shaft manufacturers employ various methods of measuring shaft flex, and some shaft models vary in flex considerably from shaft to shaft. The Golf Shaft Deflection Board gives the serious clubfitter a tool to compare a shaft’s exact flexibility to industry standards or to other shafts. By mounting the shaft on the board and installing the 7 lb. weight on the tip, the flex can be read from the color coded line where the tip is positioned. Color coding identifies X, S, R, A and L flexes. In addition, the curvature of different shafts can be compared to establish where flex is concentrated: at the tip, in the middle, or toward the butt end. Not recommended for shafts 75 grams and under.
  • Engineered to be the best on the market
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Use for raw shafts as well as finished clubs
  • Looks great on the shop wall!
The high quality Golf Shaft Deflection Board is made from oak plywood and steel. Weighing only 20 lbs., it can be securely attached to a wall with the included toggle bolts. Instructions for use are included.

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