Maltby KE4 TC IST Fairway Woods

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Trajectory Control The KE4 TC IST (Interactive Sole Technology) fairway woods feature an interchangeable head weight port positioned rearward and deep into the club head allowing further customization of launch angle and also allows for custom club length and shaft weight options for the the players preferred feel and performance.

Interactive Sole Technology (IST) The KE4 TC IST fairway woods dual runner design, wide sole and radiused leading edge help eliminate interference with less than perfect lies in turf and sand for more consistent contact resulting in better distance and direction control.

Dual Process Design The Maltby KE4 TC IST features a 2.1mm forged 17-4 stainless steel face for increased ball speeds from any impact position on the club face. The body is precision cast from 17-4 stainless steel using Advanced Shell Technology (AST) to insure proper mass distribution for optimum performance. 

Playability Plus Advanced Shell Technology (AST) coupled with the rearward and deep positioning of the Maltby T-25 Torx screw weight results in a very stable, high MOI, fairway design. The C-Dimension of the KE4 TC IST fairway woods has been stretched to an incredible 1.25" resulting in a center of gravity location that is slightly toe sided of the face centerline. This cg location benefits all types of players and will greatly improved accuracy and distance on off center hits. The TC Fairways is well below the center of the golf ball (.840") producing very solid, high launching golf shots, from even the tightest lies.

Player Preferred Profile The KE4 TC IST features a traditionally pleasing “pear” shape and modern crown slope from front to back that saves discretionary weight for improved playability. The crown features a raised polished leading edge to eliminate any chance of irritating sky marks. The TC IST face angle is 1/2⁰ open, but the raised polished leading crown edge has been tapered to give the TC Tour fairway woods the appearance of being slightly more open in the playing position, which is preferred by better players.


  • Pleasing traditional Pear head shape looks great in the address position
  • Advanced Shell Technology insures proper mass distribution for optimum performance
  • IST sole design promotes better shot making from any type of hitting surface
  • Precision cast 17-4 stainless steel body with a 2.1mm forged 17-4 stainless steel face for maximum ball speeds across the entire hitting surface
  • Excellent sound and feel
  • Trajectory Control (TC) - Center of gravity precisely located on each loft option to promote consistently high penetrating trajectories.
  • Crown profile slopes drastically from front to back to lower center of gravity and promote an initial high launch angle
  • Interchangeable sole weight allows for head weight adjustment to accommodate multiple fitting options
  • Additional T-25 weights available for custom weight and feel options - Available in both black and chrome finishes (MTW001 & MTW002)
  • Available in RH and LH Options
  • Head cover included
  • Note: This is a club head only and not an assembled golf club
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Maltby KE4 TC IST Fairway Specifications