Maltby Pure-Track SS Putter Shaft Blanks

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Retro fit your existing putter to unlock the advantages of the Pure-Track SS Putter Shaft for a smoother, more consistent putting stroke!

The Pure Track SS putter shaft blank can be retro fitted onto any type of installed putter shaft as long as the installed shaft has a .370" parallel section of approximately 2". Follow the below instructions to easily retro fit your existing putter. Just cut your existing straight, single bend or double bend putter as per the below instructions and install the new blank to your existing shaft.

Click Here For Pure-Track SS Shaft Retro Fit Instructions

The Maltby Pure-Track SS putter shaft is designed to smooth out your putter stroke for more consistent distance and accuracy from any distance on the putting green.

Technology: The main body of the Pure-Track putter shaft is made from a heavy aluminum tube that provides the weight necessary to balance out your putting stroke. The aluminum tube is then center milled prior to installing the 3 different steel shaft tips to guarantee perfectly straight shaft installation not typically found in other, way more expensive, 2 piece putter shafts. Aluminum is the ideal material for a heavy putter shaft due to the weight and vibration dampening qualities.

Performance: Regardless of the desired club length, weight or style of the installed putter head, the Pure-Track putter shaft will instantly eliminate the putter head from "wobbling" on the back and forward swing path. The added weight from the putter shaft promotes a slower , smoother putting stroke that keeps the face of the putter head square to the target longer for more accurate putts. Throughout the history of golf many of the best players in the world would fill their steel putter shafts full of sand to achieve a slower more repetitive and accurate putting stroke. The Pure-Track SS putter shaft takes this time proven mode of putting to another level.




  • Also available in three different .370" tip profiles - Straight, Odyssey Double Bend and 90 Degree Double Bend to fit a wide range of putters (MA0335).
  • Blank and adaptor is 32" in length .
  • Ideal for Arm-Lock putting
  • Precision milled center bore to guarantee shaft straightness.
  • Aluminum shaft body for added overall weight
  • Promotes a more consistent putting stroke and swing path
  • Helps eliminate the "Yips"
  • .370" tip diameter
  • Note: Aluminum can be cut with a motorized shaft cutting blade but a hacksaw is recommended