Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-4 Putters

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Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-4 Putters
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Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-4 Putters

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The Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-4 putter features traditional blade putter profile with modern volume and weight specs specifically designed to increase accuracy and distance control. These modern specifications increase MOI vs. traditional milled putters and allow for greater customization via the use of counterbalanced weights, custom club lengths or heavy weight putter grips.

The Tour Milled putters are meticulously manufactured from premium S25C Japanese Carbon Steel blocks. The S25C blocks are 100% CNC milled to produce exact spec weights, spec tolerances and aesthetics. The heads are then plated using a satin gloss TIN Plating process to protect the carbon steel material.

PTM-1 Blade Highlights

  • 100% CNC milled from premium Japanese S25C Carbon Steel for unprecedented specification and aesthetic quality
  • Modernized profile dimensions and weight to optimize MOI (4802 g-cm²), providing more forgiveness and increased distance and accuracy control.
  • Classic Heel / Toe blade design with traditional “plumbers neck” hosel .
  • CNC face milling improves roll consistency
  • Recommended Shafts: TT0001P (Stepless Chrome 38") and TT1014P (Stepped Black 38")
  • Available in RH only
  • Headcover (MA0210 $7.99) available.
  • Click Here For Maltby Pure-Track Putter Paks - Free Assembly!


PTM-4 Specifications