Maltby Putter Bending Machine

Putter Bending Machine

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The most accurate and durable putter bending machine available. ... Learn More
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Golf Mechanix Heavy Duty Stand

A heavy-duty, lightweight, yet compact bending stand designed to be used with all GolfMechanix loft and lie bending gauges

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GolfWorks Maltby Golf Putter Bending Machine

The NEW Maltby Putter Bending Machine was designed with the professional clubmaker in mind. The new machine needs no disassembly or special attachments to safely clamp, bend and measure any right or left-hand putter head.

  • Easily bends, clamps and measures all right and left-hand putters.
  • Heavy duty, CNC milled components.
  • Universal design eliminates the need for special attachments or disassembly regardless of the putter type. Traditional blade designs and modern oversized high MOI?utters are equally easy to securely clamp, bend and measure.
  • Smooth sliding protractor quickly and accurately measures the loft and lie angles of all putters.
  • Firm rubber, auto adjusting, soling pads help level the putter head and protect the sole against dents and scratching during bending.
  • Putter Hosel Bending Bar included (GW1058).
  • Double Bend Bar included (MDBB).
  • Can be bench or floor mounted.

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