Maltby TS4 Forged Iron Heads

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Design Details

The Maltby TS4 Forged Irons are true billet forged, using a Precision multi-step Forging process to produce very precise parts.  Designed to be a pure players blade design that delivers performance and feel unlike any other muscle back iron head. This incredible playability and direct feedback comes from a detailed focus on the mass and dimensional characteristics of the design and creates an optimized center of gravity location in each head.  Combined with the modern players loft specifications, the TS4 produces tour level trajectories, distance and feel.

The TS4 head design is a forged 1025C carbon steel and is co-forged with internal tungsten weight positioned low and towards the toe in the #3 thru the #8 iron to optimize the center of gravity location.  The CNC milled face and “MG” (Multi-Groove) Technology ensures face flatness and places more grooves on the face for improved consistency.  The sole is CNC milled to provide precise sole angle and radius specifications throughout the set.  The TS4 features a modern tour leading edge grind and 4 way radius sole as well as graduated sole angles (bounce) to provide optimal turf interaction.

In the playing position, the TS4 irons present a traditional, classic players blade profile that will appeal to high level players as well as any level of player that prefers a traditional look at address.  In addition to the look, the TS4 provides a high level of playability (Super Game Improvement performance), a hallmark of Maltby Design.


  • True Forged from 1025C Carbon Steel using the most advanced 5 step forging process available.
  • Co-Forged Internal tungsten weighting (#3 thru #8) provides precise vertical and horizontal cg locations to produce tour preferred trajectory and distance control.
  • Unparalleled playability and feel for a true forged muscle back design
  • Super Game Improvement (PF701+) design.
  • CNC Milled leading edge and sole for precise bounce and sole radius' throughout the set
  • CNC milled face ensures face flatness for more consistency
  • CNC milled Multi-Groove technology places more CNC milled square grooves on the face for improved consistency, trajectory and spin
  • Durable Pearl Nickel Chrome anti-glare finish protects the club head and enhances feel
  • Minimal, progressive offsets and preferred top line widths provide a traditional look at address.
  • Progressive sole angle (bounce), modern tour leading edge grind and 4 way radius sole provides the optimum turf interaction from a variety of turf conditions.
  • Universal hosel accepts both .370" parallel tip and .355" taper tip iron shafts.
  • Recommended Ferrule - 74PI for .370" shafts, 91TI for .355" shafts
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf
  • Note: This is a club head only and not an assembled golf club
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Maltby TS4 Forged Iron Clubhead Specifications