Maxfli Pronged 3.25'' High Visibility Golf Tees 40 Pack-MX379

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Maximize performance from the tee box by playing Pronged 3.25” High Visibility Golf Tees. Each tee features a low drag design engineered to promote increased accuracy and unrivaled distance. The durable plastic construction allows each tee to last longer than average wooden tees for repeated use. An assortment of high visibility green, orange, and yellow colors ensures you’ll find the Maxfli® Pronged 3.25” Golf Tee after you smoke your shot.


  • Low drag design promotes increased accuracy and distance off the tee
  • Constructed of durable plastic material suitable for repeated use
  • High visibility pack includes bright green, orange, and yellow colors
  • Tees measure 3 ¼” in length
  • 40-pack