Mitsubishi Diamana PD-Series Graphite Wood Shafts

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The Diamana‚Ñ¢ PD-Series: Constructed using the dual-phase XLINK‚Ñ¢ Resin System, high modulus MR70, and boron fiber infused hybrid prepreg for a powerful profile that is active in the hands with greater stability through the mid and tip section.

The second installment in Diamana™ 5th Generation is here with Diamana™ PD. In a continuing effort to offer the best fitting experience possible, Diamana™ PD shafts use Consistent Feel Design™ to minimize variance in butt OD, weight and balance point through the entire range – from 40R2 to 80TX. Offering the same “seamless” fitting experience as Diamana™ TB, the Diamana™ PD shafts feel more active in the hands with a stronger, stiffer tip to promote a lower-launching ball flight. Constructed using our exclusive dual-phase XLINK™ Tech Resin System, high modulus MR70, and Boron fiber to create a powerful profile with a smooth feel that remains stable throughout the swing.

Who it’s best for? Diamana™ PD-Series is ideal for players seeking lower flight, stiffer tip while retaining maximum feel and responsiveness.

Key features include:

  • Diamana‚Äö√묢 PD brings a lower launching profile to the 5th Generation family
  • Designed to be more active in the handle vs. TB w/ stiffer middle and tip section
  • Lower torque to produce a flatter, lower spinning launch
  • Features Consistent Feel Design‚Äö√묢 to minimize variance in butt OD, weight, and balance point
  • Massive range of weights and flexes from 40R2 to 80TX, with options for every player
  • Constructed with our XLINK‚Äö√묢 Tech Resin System, MR70 and boron fiber infused hybrid prepreg

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