Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Graphite Hybrid Shafts

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TENSEI 1K Hybrid is a product born from the success of the TENSEI 1K Pro Wood Shafts. Golfers gravitated towards the stability and feel they found in 1K Pro Wood shafts, so we began to develop a product to allow golfers to carry this feel from their woods into their hybrids.


Instead of creating hybrid structures for each individual color of the TENSEI 1K Pro Wood line, our engineers took the best bits of all colors to unify under a singular, mid-launch, mid-spin TENSEI 1K Pro Hybrid structure and used a silver band.


TENSEI 1K Pro Hybrid takes learning from all our previous TENSEI hybrid shafts, but perhaps none more than our very popular CK Pro Orange Hybrid shaft. TENSEI 1K Pro Hybrid features a counter balanced structure to create more ball speed and higher launch, but also incorporates super-premium 1K carbon into the handle section, creating smoother feel land more stability. This also leads to less imperfection in the shaft and more consistent performance.  

Tensei 1K Pro Hybrid Shaft Specificatios