My Life In Golf

My Life In Golf: By Ralph Maltby

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Ralph Maltby’s tenure (more than 50 years) in the golf business has left its mark on the industry. The new, hardcover 349 page book, “My Life in Golf” has information about the historical evolution of golf equipment and the golf industry itself. The chronology of this book proceeds from the question most often asked, “How did Ralph get into the golf business”, to highlights from his years at Spalding, Faultless Sports to founding his own company, The Golfworks. During Ralph’s long career he had many situations that turned into interesting stories, many of which he shares in this wonderful book. Through these stories and the technical information that comes from a lifetime of experience studying golf equipment, this book provides the tools to think more precisely and independently when evaluating your equipment. Hopefully, besides being a fun read, the information in Ralph Maltby’s “My Life in Golf” will help you play better golf by understanding your equipment, and enabling you to answer the question “Is it me or my equipment” when things don’t go so well.