Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions

Premium Graphite/Steel Shaft Extensions

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Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions available in 14 different sizes. ... Learn More

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Lime Green (.470" O.D.)
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Light Blue (.480" O.D.)
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White (.485" O.D.)
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Blue (.490" O.D.)
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Pink (.495" O.D.)
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Gold (.500" O.D.)
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Orange (.5075" O.D.)
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Yellow (.515" O.D.)
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Green (.5225" O.D.)
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Red (.530" O.D.)
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Copper (.5375" O.D.)
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Purple (.545" O.D.)
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Black (.560" O.D.)
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Silver (.575" O.D.)
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Premium Extension Gauge

Premium Graphite Extension Gauge quickly and easily identifies the correct extension to use for almost any steel or graphite shaft.

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The Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions take the guess work and labor out of installing extensions. Available in 14 different sizes, they eliminate the considerable time needed to sand or modify "one size fits all" extensions. These durable extensions can also be used to extend steel shafts and be safely extended at longer lengths than normal extensions. The Premium Extensions can safely be extended 3" for ladies and senior shafts, 2 1/2" for regular shafts and a maximum of 2" for stiff and x-stiff shafts. Each extension is color coded for easy selection.

Use the Premium Extension Gauge to quickly and easily identify the exact color/size extension you need for your shaft.


  • Extremely strong lightweight nylon can safely be extended at longer lengths.
  • Butt diameter of extension is .600".
  • Available in 14 diameters ranging from .470" to .575"
  • 14 distinct sizes eliminates the need for sanding to ensure durability
  • Can be used in steel shafts (Purple .560", Black .580" and Silver .600)
  • Parallel Flute Design provides for maximum surface contact requiring minimal epoxy
  • Extension gauge available to ensure proper extension selection (GW4000G)

Learn more about the Premium Extension Gauge here: