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The Project X 105 Rifle Tour Flighted iron shafts are lightweight version of the original Rifle Flighted profile. Many players struggle optimizing trajectories throughout their iron set — oftentimes sacrificing control in the short irons to achieve more trajectory in the long irons.

Rifle 105 Tour Flighted combines a unique design with specific tip-trim instructions that creates a progressive kick point throughout the set to manipulate ball flight and product optimal trajectories depending on specific club choice. This allows for a flighted set—offering a mid–high trajectory in the longer irons, a mid trajectory in the middle irons and a mid–low trajectory in the scoring irons.


  • Lightweight version of the original Rifle Flighted profile
  • Features a progressive kick point to manipulate ball flight and produce optimal trajectories for each club within the set
  • Designed for players who struggle to optimize trajectories in their irons
  • Progressive design delivers higher trajectories in the mid and long irons and controllable trajectories in the short irons
  • Note: * Weight listed in spec box below is the trimmed weight of the golf shafts
  • Note: ** Additional trimming required on the Rifle 105 Tour Flighted shafts for AW, GW and SW wedges - For AW wedge trim 5 1/8", GW trim 5 3/8" and SW trim 5 5/8"

Trimming Instructions

Rifle Shaft Specifications