PXG Hybrid Shaft Adaptor

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Factory Authentic PXG adjustable shaft adaptor is a light weight adjustable hosel that unlocks the value of fine-tuning the loft and lie of all PXG adjustable hybrids. Available in right hand and left hand with a .370" hosel bore diameter.

So, what can an adjustment to your driver hosel actually do? Adjusting your driver’s hosel settings allows you to fine-tune its loft and lie angle, which will impact ball flight. Get it dialed in and you can launch balls higher or lower depending on your preference—and if you play golf often, getting familiar with these adjustments can give you a winning edge as your swing changes or inclement weather hits!

 Adjust for a Fade Bias – The PXG setting is the flattest position at -3 degrees – this will create a more fade bias driver.

Adjust for a Draw Bias – Adjust the hosel to the most upright setting – the Standard “Dot” setting.


  • PXG Standard loft, -3* lie
  • Flat Minus, -1* loft, -2.5* lie
  • Big Minus, -1.5* loft, -1.5* lie
  • Small Minus, -1* loft, -0.5 lie
  • Standard “Dot” Setting
  • Small Plus, +1* loft, -0.5* lie
  • Big Plus, +1.5* loft, -1.5* lie
  • Flat Plus, +1* loft, -2.5* lie