Shaft MPF Ratings

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The most simple and effective shaft selection system!

Our Technical Staff has fully analyzed every shaft in our catalog. The following Shaft Playability Factor rankings will allow clubmakers to narrow shaft selection based on the overall performance characteristics required for a player.

There is little standardization within the shaft industry. Flexes differ by manufacturer, torque ratings are not uniformly measured, flex points vary from design to design. Shaft MPF removes much of the guesswork from shaft fitting by recommending a range of shaft choices for each specific swing speed and shotmaking need. Shaft flex, weight, torque, bend point and tip stiffness have all been accounted for in grouping various shafts in specific Shaft MPF groups.

While the final choice of shaft selection still lies with the clubmaker and the golfer, Shaft MPF provides a significant advantage by helping the player correct some swing deficiencies through more advanced shaft fitting.

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