The GolfWorks Grip Essentials Kit-GW1212

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Introducing the ultimate gripping and regripping supply package - our new Grip Essentials Kit. For just one low price, you will receive seven gripping tools and supplies that make the job a snap.

  • Ultimate Grip Installer Tool (BBGIT - reg. $9.99)
  • Quart Bottle of GolfWorks Grip Solvent (SOMQT - reg. $7.99)
  • GolfWorks Grip Universal Gauge (MAGG - reg. $12.99)
  • Double Sided Grip Tape (DFTG218 - reg. $7.09)
  • Tape Stripper (GW1101 - reg. $14.99)
  • The GolfWorks Utility Knife Kit (GWUK - reg. $6.49)
  • Rubber 3 1/2" Shaft Clamp (GW0141 - reg. $3.39)

Priced separately they total over $62.00$86.00! This is a truly great clubmaking value, order yours now in time for spring shop set-up!