The GolfWorks Putter Hosels

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The GolfWorks Putter Hosels fit all putter heads with a .370" hosel bore diameter and a 90° bore angle. The hosels are 100% CNC milled and available in 4 different lengths 1", 2.5", 3" and 3.5". The lightweight aluminum hosels have a matte black PVD finish and the heavier Carbon Steel hosels have a black chrome finish. The bottom stem of each putter hosel has a milled flat edge for air/epoxy relief during assembly. Each hosel features a 1/2" offset however, the actual offset of the installed hosel is relative to the distance the hosel bore of the putter is from the leading edge of the putter. All of the hosels are bendable for custom loft and lie angles


  • 100% CNC milled
  • Aluminum hosels available in 1" (12g), 2.5" (14g), 3.0" (16g) and 3.5" (18g) lengths
  • Carbon Steel hosels available in 1" (35g) and 3.0" (47g) lengths.
  • All hosels can be bent for loft and lie adjustments
  • Eliminates the need for double bend putter shafts
  • Fits putters with a .370" bore diameter and a 90° bore angle
  • All hosels are available in RH only