TT Project X .355 Steel Iron Shafts

Project X
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Project X iron shafts are trusted by the best players in the world and are a staple in golf shaft design. Maintaining a stout profile throughout the entire shaft, Project X is a preferred choice by stronger swingers looking for a flat, penetrating ball flight and unmatched stability. .

Project X shafts incorporate Stepless Design Technology (SDT) where each individual shaft throughout the set is comprised of a specific taper length. This unique design feature optimizes the flex distribution and energy transfer of the shaft without sacrificing control. SDT provides tip stiffness for stronger players, producing greater accuracy, a smooth yet solid feel on impact and optimal trajectory and spin control.


  • .355" tip diameter
  • Features a long taper rate that actually achieves a more dynamic transfer of shaft energy to the ball
  • Available in individual lengths #2 iron through #W
  • Club #/Shaft Length - #1/41.5", #2/41", #3/40.5", #4/40", #5/39.5", #6/39", #7/38.5", #8/38", #9/37.5", Wedge/37"

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