Auditor Shaft Profiler-GM1021

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The Auditor Shaft Profiler (A.S.P) is one of the most versatile piece of hardware for shaft analysis. Capable of performing flex sorting, flex comparison and spine detection, this machine is a great addition to any serious club maker's arsenal. Now with full USB support, the A.S.P can interface with the computer for data collection and visualization using our proprietary software. This machine is far more useful than Pseudo EI testing rigs that cost hundreds of Dollars more yet offer very little functionality!


  • Spine, sort, match, profile and clone any shaft
  • Classic 3 Point beam bending mode
  • User defined loading fulcrum position
  • User defined test span length 46"(1168 mm) Max
  • User defined tip deflection height 4" (100 mm) Max
  • Max load 30Kgf (66 Lbs) 150% overload protection
  • Peak load capture function (spine detection)
  • Residual bend load deflection cancellation (Tare)
  • Display data hold
  • USB enabled data port
  • Data collection & visualization software
  • Voltage - 110V AC

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