Auditor Designer's Loft & Lie Gauge-GM1001

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The Auditor Designer's Loft & Lie Gauge has been optimized to accouint for the latest design trends and specifications driving the development of modern oversized drivers. The loft and face angle gauge was completely redesigned to permit the "probes" to be placed at specific points across the club face, allowing loft and face angle measurments to be made that account for roll and bulge.

Irons, hybrids and putters also benefit from this and other refinements made to the overall design which should prove very useful to the club-head designer, quality control technician and club fitters versed in the art of trajectory fitting.


  • Small foot print, Light weight desktop unit
  • Measures loft angle from 0°~70°, +/- 0.25°
  • Measures lie angle from 50°~90°, +/- 0.25°
  • Measures face angle from +/- 6°, +/- 0.25°
  • Measures hosel offset and face progression
  • Groove alignment apron for irons and putters
  • Micro-metric gauging height adjustment for loft
  • Two axis Club head positioning table arrangement
  • Measures Drivers and putters up to 20% larger than conforming heads
  • Precision machined, heat treated, anodized and hand lapped parts
  • Calibration standard for lie, loft and face angle included