Auditor True Length Tipping Ruler-GM1026

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The Auditor True Length Tipping Ruler is an essential quality control tool and a clubmakers dream ruler that has all the functionality needed to measure and setup a whole set of shafts for butt and tip trim to a specific playing length in matter of minutes using the calibrated sliders built on the side of the ruler.

Clubs including pre-assembled ones can be measured accurately to the desired playing length prior to butt trimming using the lie angle soling plate and guide.

Unique to this design; the ruler is produced from a custom extrusion featuring a deep nested V through that guides the shaft or club to prevent rolling while minimizing length wise misalignments.


  • Marks a whole set of custom fit shafts consistently at 1/2" increments
  • Error free setup of trimming guides to the desired playing length
  • 3 Trimming guides provided for irons, woods and utility clubs
  • Trimming guides work on right handed as well as left handed clubs
  • Measures the lie and loft angle of golf clubs.(with alignment aid)
  • Measures club length to the R&A and USGA specifications
  • Heavy duty extrusion has a V-through to restrain shafts from rolling
  • Measure the length of golf clubs and shafts up to 48" long
  • Ideal for aligning spine marks and logos
  • Easy to setup and use. Weighs over 2 Kg (4.4Lbs) for benchtop stability
  • More reliable than the proverbial yard stick!

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