Golf Mechanix 3 in 1 Bench Mount Ruler-GM1025

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The 3 in 1 Bench Ruler integrates club length measurements with a tip and butt trimming jig for raw shafts. We've also incorporated a tip jig for the R&A Rules Of Golf Appendix II rule for measuring the length of golf clubs to be played at officially sanctioned events.This ruler features a "Z" frame that restrains the shaft and places the embedded high visibility ruler above it for a clear view of the numerals. A gauging slider gives the exact length of the club or shaft. Reversing the gauging bloc from square transforms the ruler to the R&A and USGA 60 degree length conformance gauge. Marking shafts accurately for tipping or butt trimming is made easy by the pass through indexer extending its function beyond just a ruler for conformance measurements.