Bench Mount Professional Gripping Station-GM1060

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The Bench Mount Professional Gripping Station was conceived for the enthusiast and budding professional, this time proven value packed and well refined design offers all the functionality needed to grip and regrip golf clubs to a professional standard.

Compact and requires minimal assembly requirements. This gripping station can be installed in no time includes a premium shaft clamp, solvent bottle, and loft and lie protractor.


  • Compact bench mounted design
  • Heavy duty quick clamp is safe for all graphite and steel golf shafts
  • Adjustable loft and lie base plate for easy face angle alignment
  • Swing over grip alignment sight built into grip clamp.
  • Solvent tray allows solvent to be reused and provides a clean working environment.
  • Solvent bottle
  • Adjustable grip alignment aid
  • View or Download GM1060 Instructions