Golf Mechanix Clubmaker's Loft & Lie Gauge-GM1002

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Built with an eye for simplicity and refined for over two decades, this gauge is rugged, precise and easy to use. It offers great value to clubmakers who need to measure clubhead specifications occasionally to a good degree of accuracy on virtually any conforming Driver, Hybrid, Iron, Wedge or Putter.


  • CNC machined and zinc plated frame (RoHS compliant)
  • Wear resistant parallel guides on shaft slider and base apron
  • Height adjustable Face Angle Slider and alignment apron
  • Etched Aluminium hosel offset and face progression scale
  • Etched vernier protractor measures lie angle with resolution of 0.25 degree
  • Large scale loft angle protractor with 0.5 degree resolution
  • Suitable for conforming right & left handed clubs

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