Golf Mechanix Pneumatic Gripping Station-GM1030

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The Golf Mechanix Pneumatic Gripping Station was engineered from the ground up for small manufacturing work cells, assembly houses and the high volume clubmaker. This self contained air powered gripping station ticks all the boxes when it comes down to functionality, high output, precision, and a low operating cost.

Self standing and fully adjustable; the frame has a comfortable form factor where all the components are logically positioned within arm's reach for either right handed or Left handed operation. The broad work top with the repositionable side trays and integrated club rack help minimize clutter and improve efficiency.


  • Self standing, adjustable frame design with integrated work top
  • Safe, low pressure, VOC compliant solvent dispensing system
  • Solvent shower wets grip tape over shaft and into grip core
  • On demand foot controlled vise clamp and spray nozzle
  • Air assist grip install. Grip rides over tape on a cushion of air
  • Air cushion minimizes ridge formation and shortens cure time
  • Allows for mirrored right hand/ left hand operation
  • Re-use and recycle solvent system with spill proof catch pan
  • Self centring vise clamp with visual grip alignment tracer
  • Includes: Grip knife, grip installer, grip tape remover, air installer and tape dispenser

Note: Requires the use of a stationary type air compressorcapable of 100 PSI (6 bar) at a constant 5.5 CFM (155 lpm)