Golf Mechanix Professional Gripping Station-GM1029

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The Golf Mechanix Professional Gripping Station was designed for high traffic retailers and golf club assembly production lines. This self contained gripping station is packed with productivity features refined over two decades serving customers worldwide. This gripping station offers 50% more work space built into an ergonomically adjustable steel frame with a comfortable form factor where all the essential components are logically positioned and within arm's reach. All the small hand tools needed for re-gripping are in the box including the golf club rack with the non-slip mat!


  • Re-grips all right handed and left handed clubs ranging in length from 32~48 inches
  • Positive visual alignment of grip, shaft and club-head to a reference grid
  • Positive alignment of the grip eliminate warping and twisting
  • Adjustable shaft clamp with V-through rubber jaws to guide and protect shafts
  • 2 Inch double sided tape grip tape dispenser with geared backup tape pick up spool
  • Generous side trays for grips, supplies and essential re-gripping tools
  • Built in golf club rack with non slip padded floor mat
  • Provides up to 8" depth and 6" height adjustment
  • Deep and broad solvent catch pan prevents spills
  • Recycle and re-use solvent dispensing system
  • Hook blade knife, tape remover and grip installer included in the kit

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