Golf Mechanix Pneumatic Speed Gripper-GM1027

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The Golf Mechanix pneumatic gripping station can be installed anywhere on a production line quickly to speed up assembly. The Golf Mechanix industrial pneumatic gripping station features a safe, low pressure solvent dispensing system for quick and efficient gripping. Bolts onto a workbench or the Golf Mechanix Transformer Stand.


  • Safe, low pressure, VOC compliant solvent dispensing system
  • Solvent shower wets grip tape over shaft and into grip core
  • On demand foot-controlled vise clamp and spray nozzle
  • Air assist grip install. Grip rides over tape on a cushion of air
  • Air cushion minimizes ridge formation and shortens cure time
  • Solvent resistant, spill proof catch pan with heavy top lid
  • Capable of 100 PSI (6 bars) at a constant 5.5 CFM (155 lpm)
  • The Transformer Gripping Stand sold separately (GM1049)
  • Requires the use of a stationary type air compressor